Alive Phoenix’s Pete John shares how LoFi beats help him stay focused on music creation

Pete John

Hey everyone! It’s Pete John, the keyboarder and songwriter for Alive Phoenix. I wanted to share something with all of you that’s been helping me a lot lately. As a musician, it’s sometimes hard for me to stay focused and concentrate on working on lyrics and melodies. That’s why I decided to start composing my own LoFi beats to help me get better results in my work.

I’ve found that listening to these calming, instrumental tracks helps me to relax and focus on my creative tasks. And now, I’m excited to share this with all of you! At the end of the month, we’ll be releasing a series of loopable LoFi songs that are perfect for study and work. These tracks will be available for download on our website and all major streaming platforms.

We hope you’ll give them a listen and let us know what you think. And don’t forget, we’ve got plenty of party and romantic tunes for all your leisure listening too! Thanks for being such amazing fans.

– Pete John and the rest of Alive Phoenix